Welcome to DrLuther MD!  This clinic is an exciting new adventure in primary care for persons in recovery.
We, you and I, are on an incredible journey.  For some of you, the path of recovery has just started. For others, we have been on the road for some time.  Regardless, we are all part of the same recovery community.
DrLutherMD treats your health conditions within the context of your recovery.  Whether it’s a straightforward cold or a more complicated health problem like high blood pressure or depression, your recovery is taken into account when a treatment plan is developed.
I hope to see you soon.  Remember that the initial consult is free!

Hi, I'm Dr. Luther Philaya!

When you come to see me, you will know I care about helping you from my own experience. I understand the darkness of addiction and the light of recovery.


It is clear that when patients consistently engage in long-term recovery activities, including quality medical care, sobriety outcomes are markedly improved. What I find consistently lacking in the recovering person’s continuing care is access to recovery-savvy primary care providers. Dr. Philaya eloquently combines personal and professional experience to fill this niche for patients and providers.

Marc Myer, M.D., Former Regional Medical Director of Hazelden/Betty Ford

As a person in recovery for several years, it amazes me how uncomfortable primary care providers are treating patients with active substance use disorder or those in recovery.   They lack the training and experience to adequately care for this patient population. I would love to have a provider who is in recovery, understands what I need to do to stay sober and how my whole health is dependent on my sustained recovery.  Dr. Philaya is exactly that person, with the knowledge, experience, and compassion to offer me encouragement and hope on this journey.

Karla Juvonen, P.A., Physician Assistant

Dr. Philaya recognizes the importance of treating the patient as a whole; addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their well-being. His breadth of addiction and recovery knowledge as well as the depth of his compassion makes his model of healthcare truly unique. To find a doctor who embraces the philosophy and practice of medicine with the patient and their recovery first and foremost is difficult, if not impossible, in today’s Managed Care environment.

Lisa Hellerud D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Philaya is a compassionate and loyal professional and, more importantly, a friend. Together we have experienced the highs and lows of recovery. His experience in medicine, combined with his recovery journey, uniquely qualifies him to practice the unique model of medicine that is DrLutherMD.

Paul Lyons, Certified Recovery Coach

I have never found another physician with whom I shared such a connection.

John E.

As a physician myself, I knew the possibilities for my symptoms and was quite scared. Dr. Luther cared for me, eased my symptoms and calmed my fears.

Gretchen B.

Hands down, BEST doctor I ever received care from!

Michele M.

I truly believe if you go to him you will not be disappointed!

Michele R.

… an alternative clinic gives me the needed confidence I was missing after losing my health insurance coverage.

Sandra S.


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